Mineral water Nagutskaya–26

Mineral water Nagutskaya–26

Characteristics of Nagutskaya–26 mineral water

The mineral bottled water, Nagutskaya–26, has been estimated as medium mineralized hydrocarbonate sodium, with an enhanced content of silicic acid (Borjomi-type water) medicinal and table water. Long-term observations confirm the stability of the chemical composition of the Nagutskaya–26 mineral water, well no. 26–N, Nagutskoye deposit. When comparing the obtained results of the bottled water analysis to results of previous studies of the well's water, we are able to make a conclusion that the convergence is quite high, and the stability of the macroionic and microcomponent composition of the initial groundwater is table. Small fluctuations of these indicators do not change these evaluation findings and qualification of the healing properties of the water. The bottled mineral water of Nagutskaya–26, according to the indices of chemical analysis, corresponds to the original water from an underground source, taking into account the processes of water treatment and gas saturation.

Chemical composition of Nagutskaya–26 mineral water

Anions, mg/dm3
Hydrocarbonates 2300-4300
Sulphates 50-250
Chlorides 150-600
Cations, mg/dm3
Calcium <100
Magnesium <100
Sodium + Calcium 1000-2000
Total mineralization 3,8-7,5 mg/dm3

Medical indications for the therapeutic use of mineral water

food pipe diseases; chronic gastritis with normal and increased secretory function of the stomach; peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum; Intestinal diseases (irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal dyskinesia); liver, gallbladder and bile ducts diseases; pancreatic disease (chronic pancreatitis); disorder of the digestive system after the gastric ulcer surgery; postcholecystectomic syndromes; metabolic diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity, disorder of salt and lipid exchange; urinary tract chronic diseases (chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, chronic cystitis, urethritis).

The mineral water shall only be used in the absence of the exacerbation phase of the above-mentioned diseases!