Mineral water Nagutskaya–26

Mineral water Nagutskaya–26

Hydrocarbonate sodium, carbonated.
Group I
Well -26N Nagutskoye field Stavropol Territory.

Characteristics of Nagutskaya–26 mineral water

Mineral bottled water "Nagutskaya-26" is estimated as medium mineralized bicarbonate sodium, with a high content of silicic acid (water type Borjomi); medical dining room. Long-term observations confirm the constancy of the chemical composition of the mineral water "Nagutskaya-26", well No. 26-N of the Nagutskoye deposit. Comparison of the obtained results of the analysis of bottled water with the data of previous studies of well water allows us to conclude that the convergence is quite high, as well as the stability of the macroionic and microcomponent composition of the original groundwater. Small fluctuations in these indicators do not change this assessment and the qualification of the healing properties of water. Bottled mineral water "Nagutskaya-26", taking into account the processes of water treatment and gas saturation, corresponds to the initial water of an underground source in terms of chemical analysis.

Chemical composition of Nagutskaya–26 mineral water

Anions, mg/dm3
Hydrocarbonates 2300-4000
Sulphates 30-150
Chlorides 200-700.

Cations, mg/dm3
Calcium 1-100
Magnesium 1-50
Sodium+Potassium 1000-3000
Biologically active components mg/dm3
CO2 - 100-800, H2SIO3 -10-80.
General mineralization 4.0-7.0 g/l.

Medical indications for the therapeutic use of mineral water

Diseases of the esophagus; chronic gastritis with normal, increased secretory function of the stomach; peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum; bowel disease (irritable bowel syndrome, intestinal dyskinesia); diseases of the liver, gallbladder and biliary tract; diseases of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis); violation of the digestive system after surgery for gastric ulcer; postcholecystectomy syndromes; metabolic diseases (diabetes mellitus, obesity, impaired salt and lipid metabolism); chronic diseases of the urinary tract (chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, chronic cystitis, urethritis).
The use of mineral water only outside the exacerbation phase in the above diseases!

Natural mineral water medicinal and table drinking carbonated «Nagutska-26» is produced in accordance with GOST R 54316-2020. «Mineral natural drinking waters. General technical conditions». Mineral water is produced in glass containers 0.45l, 0.5l, 0.75l and PET containers 1.45l, 1.5l.
Shelf life in glass containers - 24 months, in PET containers - 12 months, at temperatures from 5 to 30C, without exposure to direct sunlight. Natural precipitation of mineral salts is allowed. The bottling date is indicated on the cap or on the top of the bottle.