About Production

Mineral water bottling

The workshop premises of the Yessentuki Mineral Water Plus have been equipped with modern equipment. Mineral water is delivered from the well to the enterprise by tank trucks. Bottles for natural water are made of an environmentally friendly inert material. The system of mineral water filtration ensures the purity and safety of the product without changing its natural properties. Then the water is treated with ultraviolet radiation by means of bactericidal lamps of flow through type. They are environmentally friendly and ensure the long time safety of water. To give mineral water a more complete and harmonious taste, it is saturated with carbon dioxide before bottling. The changes in the salt composition associated with this method of treatment do not occur, therefore, the healing properties of natural mineral water and its individual taste are conserved, too.

Non-alcoholic drinks production

The main component of any drink is water, so many things depend on its characteristics. Water, which has its source in the glaciers of the Greater Caucasus, undergoes a special complex cleaning and preparation procedure. Preserving its best properties, water harmoniously complements the taste of the fruit base of the drink. We use only high quality ingredients for the syrup preparation:
• natural sugar syrup produced by our company of sugar-sand using the hot method;
• citric acid for adjusting the acidity of the drink and giving it harmonious taste;
• aromatic bases produced by the leading European and domestic manufacturers that give the drink taste and aroma;
• natural colorants and preservatives, in an amount allowed by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare.
The ready-to-use syrup is mixed with water, the drink is saturated with carbon dioxide.
After the carbonation, the drink is supplied to the bottling line, where the following operation takes place on a phased basis: bottling, capping, quality inspection, arrangement of finished products (labelling), packaging. All processes are automated.
The finished products enter the storage facilities.
The process of products manufacturing at the plant is controlled by a certified chemical and microbiological industrial laboratory, as well as local bodies of Rospotrebnadzor, Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Standardization and Metrology Centre.

Characteristics of non-alcoholic drinks