Cold tea

Tea-drink that everyone loves. Before, they drank it only hot. We began to brew iced tea recently. An iced drink made from natural products, quickly quenches thirst, refreshes and rescues from the summer heat.
Refreshing tea was first invented about a hundred years ago. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was unbearable heat in America for a year. One American came up with a brilliant idea - to make iced tea. Locals really liked the drink, it was given the name ice tea. Once a resident of Switzerland came to America and was treated to iced tea. He was pleased with the taste and freshness of the drink. The Swiss liked the idea and he began to produce it in convenient containers. So there was ice tea Nesti, Lipton, Ahmad and others.
Iced tea is a relatively new segment in the Russian market of soft drinks, but at the same time it is actively gaining popularity and shows good sales growth. Based on this, as well as on the taste preferences of customers, Yessentuki Mineral Water Plus developed and launched new drinks - the Cold Teas line, presented in three flavors:
" Peach Flavored Ice Tea "
Lemon Flavored Ice Tea
Cold Green Tea
Thanks to the use of high-quality tea extracts, natural flavors and natural sugar, drinks of this series preserve the aroma and strength of freshly brewed tea and have a tonic effect.